JOHRAmont, s.r.o.

Sov. Hrdinov 629/113

089 01   S v i d n í k

S  L O V A  K I A


Tel: 00421-(0)54 788 1074
Tel/Fax: 00421-(0)54 752 0027

Tel: 00421-(0)54 752 0027

Mobil: 00421-(0)903 541 877
Mobil: 00421-(0)911 510 656- (NJ, AJ, RJ, UJ)
Mobil: 00421-(0)904 375 902- (NJ)
Mobil: 00421-(0)911 510 650- (RJ)







Dear ladies and gentlemen, 



Please allow me to introduce to you the private slovak company JOHRAmont, s.r.o. Svidník located in the north-east of Slovakia.

The owner and the management have long-term experience in the field of production, trade, finance, economics, representation and intermediary activity.

This experience we have gained from previous activities at many private companies with foreign capital participation.

The company JOHRAmont, s.r.o. is focused on providing flexible, high quality work while absolutely meeting delivery dates as well as on services for an absolute satisfaction of our customers and partners of JOHRAmont, s.r.o., Svidník


Yours faithfully

Manager and director of the company

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